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(Question?) I seek a marketing plan outline? I read blog that talk about shooting tips, making money online, blog design, etc. but nothing on marketing. Can you help?

(aF) Thanks for the question. I’ve recently started looking more into the business side of doing photography as well. It seem to me that selling is selling and marketing is marketing.

What I mean is what you are selling and marketing doesn’t matter as much as how you are doing it. If you follow the basics the same principles and rules apply.

Here is an outline to get you started thinking about marketing. Just fill in blanks and start acting on it.

1. Research and analyze the market you seek to sell to.

2. Create small marketing goals that you can manage.

3. Decide which tools you’ll use to reach your target clients.

4. Research the physical tasks you need to do to get and keep everything moving.

5. Decide on a budget which includes the amount of time, materials, follow-up calls, etc.

Best of luck and keep me updated on what you are doing and how it’s turning out.


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