Develop a Series?


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Question? “How do I create a body of work that can be used to showcase my photographic abilities and use for gallery shows?”

(aF) I have several long term series that I am currently working on. Some thought processes I used to find ones that would motivate me are as followed:

(a) Keep it simple. Most series / themes revolve around objects, people or things that can be accessed without great effort or major cost.

(b) Research and analyze your theme to determine if the interest could be globally, nationally or just limited to you;

(c) Locate and gather the things needed to do a shoot. Go ahead and do it;

(d) Review the images created to see if it’s what you were seeking. Get a second opinion if possible;

(e) Revise, rethink and remove any unneeded aspect of the process that slows down you doing shoots;

(f) Decide on a day and time you will do each session, write it down on a calendar and follow through.

Remember, you should find a theme / subject that you are interested in or better, extremely curious about.


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