FigureShooter Fine Art Postcards will start releasing a series of collectible fine art postcards that is being used as promotional pieces. These are being sent to magazines, book publishers and art galleries to promote and showcase the imagery of this site.

Sending an ecard to keep your name in the minds of editors is okay but for a printed publication, they need to see the quality of the images when printed. The quality of the photograph is either there when printed or it is not – there is no guessing to be made.

Since a large number of viewers are interested in owning some of my images but without the high cost of buying a limited edition print, this seemed the best way to get some of the images to those that wish to began collecting some of the photos.

This first figurecard is of sexy latina model Hannah P. It shows her soft sensual figure, her raw free flowing hair and a wonderful smile that was meant just for you, the viewer!



Hannah P. - Fine Art Postcards
Hannah P. - Fine Art Postcards

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