Finding Models – Jan. 2010

Most of us will be seeking to start the new year off with a figure session. If we succeed in doing that, it hopefully will set the tone for the rest of the year.

hannahp - finding models

The first thing is to decide what I would like to do. Since that will include shooting a nude series, I will try to match what I seek with what a model maybe interesting in posing for. The next holiday day approaching would be Valentine’s Day, so I will attempt to combine what I seek along with something a model may need in order to generate additional interest.

Next, I will create a “text ad” that will explain what I seek – the who, what, when, how and where. I can then copy and paste it into each message or email I send and it allows the model to read and decide if this is interest her. If it does, she will respond and usually ask any additional questions.

===============Casting Call================= Casting Call : Glamour Nude & Artistic Nude Sessions

Dates: Jan. 22nd & 23rd – Ongoing shoots;

Location: Charlotte, NC – hotel shoots since I will be traveling;

Seeking Females:
–Asian, African American, Latina, European, American
–Slim / Thin to Medium (not thick or plus sizes)
–Height / weight proportional
–18 to 36 years old with clear even skin tone
–very small to no tattoos

Compensation: $00 p/h / 2 hour or 3- hour sessions w/fee paid at the end of each shoot. Bring state ID or drivers license for release form. No travel and hotel fees paid;

Posing Style(s): Glamour Nudes & Artistic Nudes of faces, breast, legs, full body, etc. (not seeking IMPLIED modeling);

Details: Creating an ongoing series of gallery images and how-to articles using various studio lighting and backgrounds.


This can be changed based on what you are seeking such as TFP only, Paid Shoots only and by specifying your limits by stating the look you seek (blonds only, big boobs or shorter that 5’4″).

If you have worked with models in the past, all you need to do is decide which you would want to shoot for this project. If you are seeking new models, you could do a search on various modeling sites and began sending out your casting calls.

To have a greater chance of success, you should have a image portfolio online someplace so that the model can view your past work.


You use something like this? Contact me with what you’re using and feel free to leave a comment, ask a questions or even disagree.

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