Greeting Card: “Denise’s Back”

When I started creating images of the female nude, I set a goal of creating photographs that would be timeless and hopefully would create an emotional attachment with each viewer.

I knew it would be a vast undertaking. After all, each photograph would have to quickly catch the viewers attention, be pleasing to look at, have a fine art feel and be within financial reach of the consumer from a commerce sense.

While I love and admire the works of Thomas Kinkade, I’m under no illusion that my imagery will sell at the prices his paintings commands. But, hey. he had to jump off the fence and start at some point.

Here is a print that I personally love and use as a greeting card entitled “Denise’s Back”.


greeting card denise's back

Product name =”Denise’s Back”

5 x 7 Greeting Card = $5.95
8 x 10 Print = $25.00
Stretched Canvas Print = $75.00

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