Locating Talent

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Question? “How do I find models?”

(aF) There are steps you can take to find local talent in your area. But you must remember that thee is no one solution fits all type of answer. For starters, you should:

(a) develop a record keeping system that will enable you to analyze the information collected;

(b) analyze your local market;

(c) locate which (if any) photographers are shooting in the style you seek;

(d) search for local semi-pro labs that may print nudes for models and photographers;

(e) seek local lingerie stores (not the big ones in the malls) which may have clients seeking to do a lingerie shoot;

(f) use the internet modeling sites to seek models in your local area.

These steps should get you started. If there is more interest, I will create an indepth article with more ideas and that will better explain the above steps. –mackie

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