Projecting a Mood

Art Nude - Projecting A Mood
Projecting a Mood

Successful digital figure photographs in most cases are created because of the mood it projects.

This projected mood sets the stage for our minds to process the overall image. So creating a image that causes the viewer to stop for an extra second can lead to someone spending time exploring each image we create.

How is this accomplished? By asking yourself a few questions:

1. Decide on the overall feel of an image. – Will the image be sharp focused or should I use a soft focus lens for a dreamy quality?

2. Decide on a proper background. – Will the background be used to add depth in the image or as a guide point to move the viewers eyes from one part of the image to another?

3. Decide if props should be used. – Will adding props (bed, flowers, clothing, etc.) add to the appeal or create another unneeded focal point?

4. Decide on a pose. – Will this pose create an emotional attachment with most viewers and give them a warm fuzzy feeling they can identify with or cause them to be shocked because of an overly erotic feel?

Once you have answered these you then should ask yourself how you can enhance it to give each viewer a even better viewing experience.


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