Question? “How do you create your photos?”

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(aF) There are many ways to achieve the images you seek. I think each photographer has various steps he (or she) may take to get to the final result. If you watch various sports figures such as a baseball pitcher or golfer, you will see each one has a routine they go through before they step up.

Ansel Adams described his ritual as “pre-visualizing how he wanted the finished image to look and then working backwards to capture it”.

Some of the steps I use are:

- Having a understanding of what it is you seek.
- Plan some shots (have a starting point).
- Have a understanding of the lighting needed.
- Have a understanding of the camera you will be using.
- Set up everything that can be set up before the model arrives.
- Test the set up – test it again and again until it’s right.
- Trust your instincts.
- Take a chance.
- Trust your “gut feeling” – it will tell you when to stop shooting.



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