Question?: What your take on models escorts?

model escorts - Helping Hands, art photography

(aF): Most of my sessions include a models escort if it’s a first time shoot. It would be kind of crazy to expect a 5’1; 99lbs female to go meet some unknown guy in an unknown area to do a shoot.

My goal to get the best possible images during a shoot. It’s best (and cheaper) to deal with the extra person instead of risking a shoot where the model is nervous during the entire shoot. The uncomfortable feeling she has will show up in most of your photographs.

Let it be known up front that any major issues about the posing she is expected to do should be worked out with her escort before their arrival. Any issues afterwards will result in the escort being asked to leave and return later or the entire shoot could be canceled.

The image above came from a shoot that had three (3) escorts. It was supposed to be a glamour style shoot with a few shots taken to send to her close friend that was station overseas.

As you can see in the photo below, a pair of “helping hands” made that Marine’s day. It also resulted in a quick long distance call with a “thanks, mom!”.

model escorts - helping hands - topless - art photography

More to come on this subject.


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