swiftkick_katDMotivational Quotes for me is about motivating me to progress to the next level in whatever I’m doing. That includes reading quotes that will pick me up when I’m down or give me a swift kick when I’m stuck and soothe me when I’m feeling as if I’m all alone in the world.

So, at this point, some understanding words then some thoughts to give me a swift kick is needed today:

“You are never a prophet in your own country. You have to go away and make it before you come back.” —Antoine Verglas, French Photographer.

“When I first started out, I wanted everyone’s approval. But as you mature, you realize everyone doesn’t have to love you.” —Paulina Porizkova, 80’s Supermodel.

“You plan every moment, every detail of the photo and then part of the plan is to permit an accident to happen.” —Richard Avedon on shooting the Pirelli calendar.

“There is a delicate balance to photographing people. Fiddle with technique too much and by the time you’ve got it right you’ve lost the subject.” —Albert Watson.

“When you lack confidence you tend to compensate by introducing all sorts of special little tricks and gimmicks in order to try and distract the viewer from the fact that it’s a lousy photograph.” —Bob Carlos Clarke.

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