Question? “I still love film but it’s becoming impossible to find quality labs and services. Should I ditch film and sell my cameras?”

Film or digital art nude

Is it film or digital?

(aF) Film is still alive and kicking. Digital is here forever also. I think slide film will completely disappear but print film mainly black and white will always have a viable market of users.

I personally still prefer the film look over digital. The various film emulsions made in the past gave a very distinct look and feel to an image. The high speed grain types still can’t be duplicated with a photoshop plugin.

A landscape or nature shot made on Kodachrome or Fujichrome is far superior to the oversaturated digital images I see today. I still enjoy looking at the covers of past issues of Outdoor Photographer. I can only imagine what an original cover print must have looked like.

I have began looking for high end scanners as labs began to discard their film developing services. I hope to, like many others, have the time and desire to develop and print my past film images in the future.

You may want to look into this also. Getting chemicals to develop film is a real pain now unless you live near a place that sells them. Shipping them cost extra since they are considered hazardous materials.

Best of luck and keep me updated on what you decided.


film or ditial art nude

Slide, print or digital?

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