Which Photo Magazines?

ss_je_a06ask Figureshooter is a Q and A section mainly about nude photography.

Question? “Which photo magazines are on the ask Figureshooter bookshelf?”

(aF) There are not many that interest me since 98% are scared to showcase nudes on a regular basis. Several have in the past but stopped when 1 or 2 subscribers threaten to cancel their subscriptions. Now, issues are filled with content that can be categorized as photoshop related, equipment testing / reviews or just plain paid advertisements for certain manufactors.

I tend to purchase many magazines at times but only because they have one or two section that interest me.

For example, the most recent issues I’ve picked up:

Step Magazine: The Self-promotion issue
How Design: The Business issue
Create Magazine
Picture Magazine
Studio Photography & Design
Digital Photographer

This list does not include non-photo / design magazines. If there is interest in that list, I’ll see what’s coming in over the next month or so.


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